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Swingers are married people who have extensions in their marriages. This means that either partner is allowed to have another partner for the purposes of sex in addition to their wife or husband. This is not a very new phenomenon among the swinging fraternity in the UK, as many of them have been involved in the practice for a very long time.

If you ask many local swingers why they involve themselves in this practice, they will tell you that they are looking to spice up their marriages and relationships by having sex with other people. Many actually say it is a kind of glue that holds their marriages together and makes them very happy. For many of them, joining the swingers club is a solution to otherwise boring unions and sex lives.

Apart from joining a swingers site, two couples can have an agreement to be swinger couples. They could arrange to swing a couple of days in the week. However, this should not limit couples who want to find other partners elsewhere if it becomes monotonous swinging with another couple. Other places to meet swinging couples are the internet on websites like this one, in swinging parties or from recommendations by your friends.

Another group of local swingers are the gay swingers. With same-sex relationships acceptable in the UK, this group has also started their own same-sex UK swingers clubs. There is a difference between a swingers club for both homosexual men and for lesbians.

Although many conservative people would find it repulsive to share their partners with other people, the fact that they know the other person notwithstanding, many UK swingers find it very fulfilling to be in such open marriages. Couples with such lifestyles do not appreciate the monotony of having sex with the same person every day. Rather than go out and cheat on their husbands or wives, they look for people with the same mindset and decide to swap partners. Many do not considered cheating since both partners are in agreement, and both will sleep with other people’s wives or husbands with the other's full knowledge and blessings.

Compatibility is very important if you choose to go down the road of becoming a swinging couple. Although no emotions are usually involved, not being honest with your partner can create problems for both of you. If you are not honest, you could end up ruining your relationship and ending the union you tried to save by becoming swingers.